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This blog community will be informative yet fun for beginners just starting a coin collection or intermediate collectors to learn from the serious collectors. Provide valuable resources on how to find rare coin values, where, what and how to spot great steals and deals and enjoy the experience and journey into the exciting world of numismatics.
One subject will be recurring frequently (rare coin values) it helps to know the tiny details before you buy or sell a coin. The grand daddy collectibles are absolutely the uncirculated, preserved, mint condition coins. They command top dollar and are highly sought after by serious collectors and investors alike. There is a standard list for most of the others to use as a guideline for today’s current rare coin prices.

The scarce dates are always valuable in any condition as are mint error strikes. These are the ones that can command astronomical prices. Buyer be very, very aware with these as many are fakes are in circulation. Always demand the seller use a very reliable numismatic expert for appraisal which includes the certificate of authenticity.
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Montreal Canadiens Centennial Loonie, what should i do with it?

I recently found a Montreal Canadiens Centennial Loonie in my change recently. I’ve never seen one before, am yet to see one again. Is it a rare coin, which would appreciate in value? I have a friend that collects coins, and if I were to trade it, should i trade it face value, for more, or just keep it hoping it will appreciate in value later?

Asked by:ismileicrazy

Question for coin collectors… ? ?

I consider modern proof coins, statehood quarters, the Presidential dollar series, etc., as collector coins. I mean they were produced mainly to appeal to coin collectors. Do you think these coins will become ‘valuable’ or appeal as a possible investment? I would rather collect coins that are rare (old, scarce, errors, etc) and were not produced to be enticed by the coin collecting community.

Asked by:gemini6187

1999 $25 dollar Proof Gold coin.Is this coin a “very rare” coin? On Ebay it’s “BuyItNow” price is $2,355?

I was recently looking at currency items on Ebay, and I came across a 1999 $25 dollar Proof Gold coin that was for sale, and noticed it had a “Buy It Now” price of $2,355 dollars. I am fairly new to collecting coins, so I was hoping someone could please possibly help me out with a question I had about that coin. Is this coin a “very rare” coin? Is it because it’s been graded by chance? Or is it a rare coin as far as the year? I have searched all over the web trying to find this out, and realized several sites that deal in gold coins had several $25.00 gold coins for sell, but the 1999 coin wasn’t available in their lists, they had surrounding years, but skipped 1999. Is this coin a “very rare” coin? I would greatly appreciate your help & response to this, It’s driving me crazy trying to find out an honest response by searching the web, It interest me because i believe i may also have this coin in a collection i have in storage, but mine has not been graded. Does having the coin graded greatly increase the value as well? Again, I would really appreciate any help on this, and look forward to your response. I Would Appreciate An Urgent Honest Response! The Link To The Coin On Ebay is –…

Asked by:ThaShotCalla

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