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This blog community will be informative yet fun for beginners just starting a coin collection or intermediate collectors to learn from the serious collectors. Provide valuable resources on how to find rare coin values, where, what and how to spot great steals and deals and enjoy the experience and journey into the exciting world of numismatics.
One subject will be recurring frequently (rare coin values) it helps to know the tiny details before you buy or sell a coin. The grand daddy collectibles are absolutely the uncirculated, preserved, mint condition coins. They command top dollar and are highly sought after by serious collectors and investors alike. There is a standard list for most of the others to use as a guideline for today’s current rare coin prices.

The scarce dates are always valuable in any condition as are mint error strikes. These are the ones that can command astronomical prices. Buyer be very, very aware with these as many are fakes are in circulation. Always demand the seller use a very reliable numismatic expert for appraisal which includes the certificate of authenticity.
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Where can I get rolls of coins?

I’m collecting coins and trying to find rare ones. I’m looking to get a large amount of coins to search through. I know banks have them, but is there any other places that will give up rolled coin?

Asked by:TJB

quarters/coin collecting 1970 & ’75?

I jumped on the state quarter bandwagon and started collecting those. Well, I got a little more into it, and started collecting quarters for earlier years too. I now have quarters from the past 30 years EXCEPT for 1970, and 1975. I have not come accross these years. Is it weird and just me, or are these years rare for some reason?

Asked by:micke

I have a coin & would like to know what it’s worth?

(2007) George Washington $1 Missing Edge Lettering MS 65 Mint ERROR


Asked by:ashleyclarke1

Which would be a better investment – cornering the market on a single coin or buying a basket of good coins?

Ignoring risk of collecting a single coin vs many different good coins, which would be a better investment?

If you attempted to buy up all of the single same rare coin, would that make a good investment?

Asked by:SeekingSolace

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